The Best 17 Beaches in Malang that Have a Unique Panorama

Malang may not be the first city you will mention when talking about beach tourism in Indonesia. Generally, tourists on vacation to Malang will visit amusement rides such as Jatim Park, Eco Green Park, or the Transport Museum. In fact, Malang has many beaches whose charms are no less than those of Bali and Lombok.

There are at least 18 beaches in Malang that can be an alternative for your vacation. These beaches are known to have a beautiful atmosphere because they are still relatively quiet by tourists. Not only that, these beaches also offer uniqueness and exciting activities. Before visiting it, you can find some important information here!

Sipelot Beach

The southern part of Malang is indeed a location where beautiful beaches gather. One of them is Sipelot Beach in Pujiharjo Village, Tirtoyudo. Even though it is not well known to many tourists, this 2 km long beach is supported by various facilities. Starting from the parking area, food stalls, toilets, to the prayer room you can easily find here.

At Sipelot Beach, you can’t be free to play in the water or swim. The reason is, the waves are quite large, so it is dangerous for visitors. However, you can enjoy other exciting activities by visiting Coban Sipelot. This brackish waterfall is on the west side of Sipelot Beach. Try to come in the afternoon to see the beautiful sunset on Sipelot Beach.

Licin Beach

If you want to see a unique beach charm, try coming to Licin Beach. That said, the word “slippery”, is used because the beach conditions are quite slippery due to the large amount of moss vegetation. Slippery Sand Beach is also different from most beaches in Malang which has white sand. The sand on this beach is black due to the eruption of Mount Semeru’s lava.

If you are interested in seeing its uniqueness, you can come to Licin Hamlet, Lebakharjo Village, Ampelgading. It is better if you choose a two-wheeled vehicle when visiting Licin Beach because the road conditions that you will take are quite steep and winding. So, stay careful while traveling!

Balekambang Beach

Many people call Balekambang Beach the Malang version of Tanah Lot. This is because of the existence of Amerta Jati Temple on Ismoyo Island, a coral island in the middle of the sea similar to Tanah Lot. Not just enjoying the beach waves, you can also visit the temple on foot via the bridge that has been built by the manager.

Balekambang Beach is quite popular among tourists. For this reason, this beach has been equipped with various facilities such as food stalls, parking areas, toilets, camping areas, bungalows, prayer rooms, and souvenir shops. At least, you need to travel about 60 km from the center of Malang City to arrive at this beach which is in Sumber Jambe Hamlet, Srigonco Village, Bantur.

Ngliyep Beach

About 63 km from the center of Malang City, to be precise in Kedungsalam Village, Donomulyo, you can find Ngliyep Beach. The white sand and turquoise sea water of the beach are the main attractions for tourists who come. Not only that, the charm of Ngliyep Beach is even more beautiful with large rocks around it.

Near Ngliyep Beach, there is a hill called Mount Kombang. It is said that this hill became the location for the ritual of giving offerings to the Queen of the South Seas. Apart from these myths, Mount Kombang can be the right location to see the sunset. If you want to enjoy the charm of this beach in Malang, you have to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 15,000.

Batu Bengkung Beach

Batu Bengkung Beach in Gajahrejo Village, Gedangan, is one of the unique beaches in Malang. How not, this beach is surrounded by two giant rocks. In addition, the sea and the beach are split by quite high rocks. In fact, it is not uncommon for coral rocks to turn into a lake during high tide. Of course you can use the lake as a safer place to play water.

The position of Batu Bengkung Beach facing west is suitable as a location to see the sunset. You can come in the late afternoon to witness the best panoramas. To enjoy activities on this beach, you need to prepare IDR 5,000 as an entrance ticket.

Watu Leter Beach

Apart from enjoying the charm of the beach, at Watu Leter Beach you can see the habitat of the gray turtle. Calm wave conditions and soft beach sand make this beach suitable as a turtle conservation area. This beach, which is relatively quiet for tourists, makes the natural atmosphere feel very beautiful.

Another interesting thing that you can find at Watu Leter Beach is the rocks on the coast. The existence of this rock is also the origin of the name Watu Leter Beach, where there is a flat-shaped rock which in Javanese is called a “letter”. Curious? Come straight to Rowotrate Hamlet, Sitiarjo Village, Sumbermanjing, to see the Enchantment of Watu Leter Beach!

Bajulmati Beach

The name of Bajulmati Beach in Gajahrejo Village, Gedangan, actually comes from an interesting story. Around 1890, local people found a dead crocodile on the coast. In Javanese, crocodiles are called “bajul” so that the name Bajulmati Beach appears.

At Bajulmati Beach, you can find several bays formed by the presence of rocks. There is also Wil Cave on the east side of the beach that you can explore. By spending IDR 10,000, you can be satisfied exploring various natural phenomena at Bajulmati Beach.

Goa Cina Beach

By taking a 10-minute drive from Bajulmati Beach, you can arrive at Goa China Beach in Sitiarjo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan. Previously, this beach was named Rowo Indah Beach. However, about 20 years ago, corpses and Chinese writings were found on the cave walls around the beach. For this reason, this beach in Malang changed its name to Goa China Beach.

The beach scenery which is popular among tourists is quite interesting, where there are three coral islands on the coast. The islands are called Bantengan Island, Goa China Island, and Nyonya Island. Even so, you are not allowed to swim at this beach because the waves are quite big. When visiting Goa China Beach, prepare IDR 5,000 as an entrance ticket.

Lenggoksono Beach

If you want to enjoy the charm of the beach while fishing, Lenggoksono Beach can be the right choice. This beach is famous for having abundant marine wealth. Starting from tuna, skipjack, to lobster, there are several types of seafood that you can get at this tourist spot.

Not only that, the existence of Gadung Island in the Lenggoksono Beach area is also used as a conservation location for pearl lobsters, sand lobsters, and rock lobsters. If you want to visit this beach in Malang, you can go to Lenggoksono Hamlet, Purwodadi Village, Tirtoyudo. Also prepare IDR 5,000 as the entrance fee for Lenggoksono Beach.