Malang Culinary Tour, Starting from Legend Culinary to Night Culinary

Going home to Malang and want to try various Malang culinary tours? The choices are very diverse, you know. This city flanked by mountains in East Java is indeed famous for its delicious and cheap food.

Which culinary tour do you want to try in Malang first? Meatballs, cwi noodles, orem-orem, or egg tofu? Just specify what kind of food you want to taste and what time you want to eat it.

Here are the recommendations for you. There are Malang culinary tours in the morning, legendary culinary delights, all meatballs, to evening culinary delights that are just as delicious.

1. Pecel Kawi Hj. Musilah

Want breakfast or breakfast in East Java style, pecel rice is the answer. Try stopping at the Pecel Kawi Hj stall. Musilah which has been poor since 1975.

This pecel shop is always full of visitors, because the quality of the dishes is always maintained. The side dish that accompanies the pecel rice offered is also very varied.

Address: Jalan Kawi Atas 43B, Malang Operating hours: 06.00-19.00

2. Hok Lay Depot

Hok Lay is also a legendary Malang culinary attraction. This old school tavern has lasted up to three generations of the family, you know.

Typical dishes here are Malang cwi noodles which are savory and complete with toppings, fried spring rolls, and fosco. Fosco is a chocolate milk drink with a sweet and savory taste served in a soft drink bottle.

Address: Jl. K.H. Ahmad Dahlan 10, Malang Operating hours: 09.00–13.30 (morning), 17.00–19.30 (afternoon)

3. Lombok Chicken Soto

The next typical food from Malang is yellow chicken soup with a slightly thick gravy and a sprinkling of koyah. For the people of Malang, this type of soto is better known as soto kampung.

A bowl of soto kampung contains rice, boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, bean sprouts and free-range chicken. The most famous stall selling Soto Kampung typical of Malang is the Soto Ayam Lombok depot.

Soto Ayam Lombok has been around since 1955. If you want to enjoy the old school atmosphere, please come to the main shop on Jalan Lombok, Kasin.

Address: Jl. Lombok No.1, Kasin, MalangOperating hours: 07.00-22.00

4. Mbak SRIono’s Grilled Chicken (H. Nyik Sun)

Having been serving East Javanese culinary specialties since 1970, Warung Ayam Bakar Mbak SRIono is a small shop whose offerings cannot be underestimated. Formerly a tent stall, this place has delicious grilled chicken preparations.

Apart from grilled chicken, this culinary tourist attraction in Malang also has chicken intestine satay, beef intestine satay, kikil satay, and chicken head satay. The typical East Javanese accompaniments offered are also worth trying, including lodeh vegetables, vegetable ointment, and orem-orem.

Address: Jl. Tangkuban Perahu (next to Kartini Building), MalangOperating hours: 08.00-23.59

5. Lontong Tofu and Bell Egg Tofu

Surabaya has a special culinary called tofu lontong. However, there is also a special food from Malang called tofu lontong. Basically, tofu lontong is not much different from tofu. Even so, the seasoning for tofu lontong in Malang is mixed with mashed peanuts and sweet soy sauce.

A portion of this food contains fried tofu, bean sprouts, and starch crackers. Meanwhile Surabaya lontong tofu is more dominant in its petis and served with short bean sprouts.

Address: Jl. R.E. Martadinata, Kotalama, Kec. Kedungkandang, Malang Operational hours: 10.45–22.00