Exploring the Super Spicy Noodles in Malang

Malang, located in East Java, is not only renowned for its beautiful natural landscapes but also for its rich culinary treasures. Among the array of delicious foods that can be savored in Malang, noodles hold a special place as one of the most beloved dishes. When you visit Malang, make sure to indulge in the flavors of three popular spicy noodle shops.

1. Mie Gacoan

Despite being relatively new, Mie Gacoan has already become an iconic culinary destination in Malang, especially for spicy food enthusiasts. The spicy noodles served here tantalize the taste buds and are often the choice for those seeking bold and daring flavors. In addition to offering spicy noodles, this noodle shop also provides various noodle variations with tempting toppings. Varieties like Mie Hompimpa, Mie Suit, and their signature Mie Gacoan are among the showcased options.

Mie Gacoan has opened hundreds of branches across Indonesia, some of which are located in Malang, with one situated between Jalan Padjajaran and Trunojooyo. The place is frequented by young locals and often attracts foreign tourists due to its proximity to the Malang train station. The prices for noodles start from IDR 8.9 K.

2. Whizz Mie

Located at Jalan Muharto No.8 in Jodipan, Malang, Whizz Mie has quickly carved a special place in the hearts of the local community and visitors from outside the city, even though it has only been open for a few months. The shop is renowned for its various spicy noodle options, allowing customers to customize the spiciness according to their preferences.

Featured among the primary noodle offerings are Mie Goyang, Mie Disko, and Mie Manja. Additionally, a variety of rice bowl and dim sum dishes can be enjoyed here. Aside from the delectable flavors, Whizz Mie is also known for its comfortable ambiance, making it a perfect place to enjoy food while relaxing. Prices for noodles start from IDR 11 K.

3. Mie Kober

Mie Kober is a legend in the world of spicy noodles in Malang. When it comes to daring noodles with authentic flavors, Mie Kober is the go-to choice. Their signature spicy seasoning has captured many taste buds, making Mie Kober a prime destination for spicy noodle lovers.

With two branches located on Jalan Bromo, this noodle joint has managed to captivate the hearts of Malang’s culinary enthusiasts. With budget-friendly prices and a variety of noodle and dim sum menu options, Mie Kober is a perfect choice for family and friends to enjoy a meal. Not to mention, several other branches are easily accessible to residents. Prices for noodles start from IDR 9 K.

These three spicy noodle shops are integral parts of Malang’s culinary identity. By visiting these establishments, you not only experience remarkable flavors but also participate in a unique culinary journey that embodies the essence of the city. Trying the noodles at Mie Gacoan, Whizz Mie, and Mie Kober is the perfect way to explore the delicious culinary offerings of Malang.